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Burnley Branch of the League of Nations Union 1928-30

Public debates
Burnley Crest Robert Wade

Burnley Crest
Robert Wade

On Friday, 9 November 1928, a public debate took place under the auspices of the Burnley branch of the League of Nations Union  (LNU). The speakers were Professor Darnley-Naylor , MA of London and Dan Carradice, Esq, of Nelson. Naylor argued that the League of Nations  was not perfect but that it was capable of doing the work for which it was set up. Carradice maintained that the League represented the wealthy groups, whom he blamed for the war. He said they had had the power for centuries and could not be trusted. He went as far as saying that they were moving towards an even bigger war. (1)

Professor Darnley-Naylor returned to Burnley for another debate in January 1930. He spoke in favour of the League and Mr Arthur Riley spoke against. Naylor argued that the League had prevented war and that since the League existed there had been no trouble in the Balkans. He blamed the people who made money out of war, like the armaments manufacturers. Mr Riley argued that Professor Naylor had not touched on one cause of modern war. He argued that society was divided with the League representing the capitalist governments and not the views of the working class. (2)

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