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Habergham All Saints (Board) School

Remembrance and Empire
British Empire Exhibition Poster, 1924

British Empire Exhibition Poster, 1924

The school noted the anniversary of Armistice Day every year in its logbook, and observed the two-minute silence. By 1931 this remembrance included a short memorial service in church. In August 1919, a Children’s Peace Festival was held. The school devoted the morning before to ‘student addresses on Peace, songs etc.’ The peace celebrations and procession were held over two days, which were public holidays. Empire Day was also commemorated. For example in 1924 Miss Ingham organised an Empire Day Pageant. That same year, the school received letters from a school in Western Australia, addressed to pupils at the school, and relating to Western Australia’s part in the Wembley Exhibition. The logbook implied that pupils would reply to them.

The only reference to the League of Nations  is in 1926 when 40 pupils went to the cinema to see a League of Nations picture.

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