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Keswick Branch of the League of Nations Union

Messages to the Government
Keswick town centre Andy Jamieson

Keswick town centre
Andy Jamieson

The Keswick branch of the League of Nations Union  (LNU) was formed in 1921 and membership in 1926 stood at 441. Speakers came from afar. In January 1926, Mr Reginald B. Minto, Secretary of the Liverpool LNU branch, spoke to them about the Sixth Assembly of the League. He called for more public support, not apathy. The annual meeting of 1926 was addressed by Miss E. Hinton Smith of the Intelligence Department of the LNU, who had lately been at the International Labour Office at Geneva. Her talk focused on the work of the latter organisation.

Members were concerned about disarmament and in 1930 sent a message to the Prime Minister and their MP ‘Rejoicing in the efforts being made to reduce the risk of war, especially through the Naval conference.’ A further message was sent in 1932 to the President of the Disarmament Conference stating that they considered Disarmament to be the minimum requirement.

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