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Lancaster LNU: Peacemakers’ Pilgrimage 1921 (cancelled)

Organising the programme in Lancaster for the Peace Pilgrims
Maude Royden, planned speaker for 1921 Lancaster Peacemakers’ Pilgrimage

Maude Royden, planned speaker for 1921 Lancaster Peacemakers’ Pilgrimage

Lancaster was one of the towns on the 1921 ‘Peacemakers’ Pilgrimage’ route from Carlisle organised ‘in support of the objects of the League (of Nations)’ but which was called off shortly before it was due to take place. The stop in Lancaster had been arranged for Whit Tuesday with the Pilgrims staying overnight. At a meeting of the Lancaster League of Nations Union  at the Town Hall in April 1921, the members were informed of the Pilgrims’ planned itinerary in Lancaster. Lancaster LNU was one of the organisations involved in the arrangements, although the newspaper report did not mention who had masterminded the programme, Lancaster LNU lady members ‘were to provide streamers and badges.’ The Pilgrims were to be met by the pupils at Skerton School (Headteacher R.F. Ewan was Lancaster LNU’s ‘minute secretary’); they were to have a civic reception and send-off, and an address by Miss Maude Royden, a leading peace activist. (1) Cinemas were to be asked to give brief messages to their audiences.

At the 1922 AGM, ‘the collapse at the eleventh hour of the “National Pilgrimage” ’ was seen as the chief disappointment of Lancaster LNU’s previous year.

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