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Lancaster LNU: Teachers, Schools and Peace Education

How Lancaster and District LNUs helped promote the League of Nations in schools
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Wray with Botton School, one of the country schools in which the League of Nations was promoted 
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Speakers at the Lancaster League of Nation Union’s (LNU) meetings frequently stressed the need to educate the young about international peace. The Lancaster Branch took the work seriously. Schoolteachers in the district were likely to attend LNU meetings, which provided a forum for them to discuss international peace. There were at least three Lancaster elementary school heads on the Lancaster LNU Executive in its first two years, two of whom are known to have promoted the League of Nations in their schools. Mr R. F. Ewan of Skerton School was also Minute Secretary in 1921/2. Some of his pupils had contact with Lancaster LNU members when they performed country dances at a garden meeting in summer 1922. The LRGS Headteacher was also on the Executive and Miss Phillimore of LGGS was a Vice-President, as was her successor. G. H. Mitchell, Secretary, Lancaster Education Committee, was on the Executive in 1921 and again as Director, from 1930. At Morecambe, the Grammar School Headmaster taught an evening class on European history to the Morecambe LNU in 1923/4.

Sometime before March 1930 Lancaster LNU set up an Educational Sub-Committee, when it was hoped that ‘more work will now be possible in Day and Sunday Schools’. Assisted by the Secretary, Mrs Dowbiggin, the sub-committee helped to set up visits by experienced LNU speakers in various schools. The Lancaster LNU Executive Committee subscribed funds to set up a Junior branch at Skerton School.

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