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Lymm Grammar School

Lymm Cross

Lymm Cross

Lymm Grammar School was founded in late Elizabethan times. It became a mixed school in 1902 and a voluntary controlled high school in 1978. (1) School magazines exist only for 1931-33 and show an active League of Nations Union Junior Branch that had a varied programme and a membership of 119 in the first year of its inception (1930-31). In that year the pupils successfully formed both junior and senior study circles, with meetings focused on the League of Nation’s Covenant. They also held a concert representing the more well-known countries of the League and performed ‘The Magic Dictionary,’ a play that explained the words of the Preamble to the Covenant. Pupils borrowed from the League of Nations Union (LNU) Library and periodicals were available on a noticeboard, although the Secretary noted that more interest could be taken in them.

An LNU lecturer, Mr Alec Wilson, lectured to pupils in 1931-32 and a member of staff gave a lantern lecture. Senior study circles continued and the branch produced a play, ‘The Way Out,’ with a large cast. The 1933 magazine reported less activity as the school was fundraising for new tennis courts. However, the pupils held a joint debate with the Literary and Debating Society that ‘War is useless.’ A lively debate by senior members resulted in the motion being won by only one vote. They also produced another play, ‘The Little Man’ by Galsworthy, as a fundraiser for the branch. (2)

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