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Lytham St Annes Branch of the League of Nations Union 1930

Mayoral Support for League of Nations Union
Lytham St Annes Town Hall jolmartyn

Lytham St Annes Town Hall

At the annual meeting of the Lytham St. Annes Branch of the League of Nations Union  (LNU), the Mayor of Lytham, Councillor Price, was elected as President of the Lytham LNU branch. In his speech he said that he had some reservations about the League, as he wanted to be sure that it would not sacrifice the country’s safety in its attempts to prevent war. He added that everyone hoped the Naval Conference would be a success, but he wanted to see other nations disarm as well. He did not want to see Britain defenceless.

The speaker at the meeting, Professor Darnley-Naylor reassured the Mayor that he was perfectly safe with the doctrines of the League. At the same meeting, prizes and certificates were awarded to children who had won them by essay writing.

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