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War Resisters’ International Council Meeting 1929

Threat of fascism looms
The Broken Rifle Courtesy of War Resisters' International [HYPERLINK TO:]

The Broken Rifle
Courtesy of War Resisters’ International 

The International Council of War Resisters’ International met in Zurich at the end of August 1929. It noted that Austria ‘had become a danger centre to world peace’. Helen Stocker, council member from Germany, linked the present fascist danger in Austria to a heightened danger of fascism in Germany. She reminded the council that ‘Major Pabst, head of the Austrian Heimwehr, was responsible for the murdering of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.’ Liebknecht and Luxemburg were leading members of the newly formed German Communist Party (KPD) who had been murdered in January 1919. The Heimwehr were a nationalist, paramilitary group active in Austria during the 1920s and 1930s with an ideology similar to the German Freikorps.

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