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Welsh Council of the League of Nations Union 1922

Conference and a peace message
Gregynog Hall, Newtown Dave Croker

Gregynog Hall, Newtown
Dave Croker

The Welsh Council of the League of Nations Union (LNU) organised a weekend conference on ‘Education and International Cooperation’ in May 1922. It was held at Gregynog Hall in Newtown and discussions were led by Dr Maxwell Garnett, Mr Sidney Herbert and others from the League of Nations Union. Delegates passed resolutions about teaching History and Geography from the League of Nations’ point of view.

On the third anniversary of the signing of the League Covenant, 28 June 1922, the children of Wales sent a peace message to the children of the world. It asked children to pray for God’s blessing for all those who were trying to settle quarrels without fighting, so that they could grow up without having to fight each other. They described the Covenant as the ‘Friend of every Mother, the Protector of every Home and the Guardian Angel of the Youth of the World.’ The LNU’s magazine, ‘Headway,’ commented that the Welsh Council was showing ‘remarkable activity.’

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