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Carlisle Branch of the League of Nations Union

Eminent speakers
Carlisle city centre Kenneth Allen

Carlisle city centre
Kenneth Allen

The Carlisle branch of the League of Nations Union (LNU) certainly existed between 1928 and 1934, according to records. Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassador to the United States, addressed a crowded meeting’ on the subject of America not joining the League of Nations and on the role of the League in September 1928. (1) Two pupils from Thomlinson Girls’ Grammar School  attended the October 1928 lecture, given by a Commander Catteral, and again in November 1929 to hear Mr Wood, who had attended the 10th Assembly at Geneva, report on the year’s work of the League. (2)

Professor Gilbert Murray, a key leader of the LNU, addressed the members of the Carlisle branch of the LNU in October 1934. The newspaper report is brief but quotes Murray as saying ‘War is not indeed imminent, but it is nearer than before.’ (3)

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