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Lancaster LNU: The Yearly Educational Programme

Educating adult members about the League of Nations and international affairs
The Lancaster LNU used the Friends’ Hall in Fenton Street for educational purposes © Janet Nelson

The Lancaster LNU used the Friends’ Hall in Fenton Street for educational purposes
© Janet Nelson

One of the main aims of the League of Nations Union (LNU) was to educate the public about the League of Nations. The Lancaster LNU branch had a variety of ways to fulfil these objects, some for members only, others for the general public. Monthly ‘educational’ meetings were held for members who wanted to learn about the work of the League. The Secretary, Mrs Dowbiggin, regretted they were not as well attended as other events. Lancaster does not appear to have had ‘study courses’ such as the one on European History in Morecambe in 1924, although at the first AGM, Rev. C. J. Milner of St. John’s thought they should ask every church to have its own study circle. On a lighter note, Mrs Dowbiggin used drama to educate. She wrote plays and a mock trial, which were presented by Lancaster branch members and she ordered films for viewing. In the summer, the branch organised ‘garden meetings’ with serious talks, ‘garden sales’ and outings for members.

Some activities were open meetings. The branch arranged public meetings with guest speakers. Some were illustrated, for example a lantern lecture on the International Labour Organisation was held in 1928/9. Debates were arranged, for example on disarmament. Lancaster had members of high academic achievement to take part, such as the Rev. Ralph Tooth, MA and Dr J. H. Shackleton Bailey, the LRGS Headmaster. In June 1928, the branch arranged a disarmament conference, inviting other societies. In the summer of 1933 some 500 people attended a rally at Quernmore Park.

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