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Lancaster LNU: Branch Disarmament Conference 1928

Not everything goes to plan!


Lancaster Town Hall, where the 1929 Lancaster LNU AGM took place

Lancaster Town Hall, where the 1929 Lancaster LNU AGM took place

From 1926, one of the subjects discussed by the Lancaster branch of the League of Nations Union was disarmament. A report on a conference, which the branch organised in June 1928 for Lancaster LNU members and other societies on this important topic was read out at the 1929 AGM. It is evident from this report that things had not gone to plan:

‘The first meeting of the year was a disarmament conference, held in June, at which Professor Darnley-Naylor  addressed delegates from various societies. Unfortunately those who attended had not apparently come up with any suggestions for a campaign, neither had they received any instructions from their organisations, so after the conference was over, no further plan was in readiness. We hope it will be possible to call a further conference, and we would ask most sincerely that organisations should discuss their attitude beforehand and come with definite ideas for an intensive campaign. The local Branch purposely left the matter to the delegates since we did not want to force any cut-and-dried plan on the delegates, but a much more active part must be taken by the invited societies if any effective plans are to be drawn up. Unless active steps are taken by all societies co-operating there is very great danger that this will become a party question, and in the bitterness of party strife, we may lose the golden opportunity of winning some measure of disarmament which the Pact of Paris brings to us.’

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