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The King’s School, Chester

Corporate membership of the League of Nations Union
Logo of The King's School, Chester

Logo of The King’s School, Chester

The King’s School, Chester had already showed an interest in international issues before they became Corporate Members of the League of Nations Union (LNU). In 1923 pupils had lectures on the Russian Famine Relief Fund and India’s political problems. They also had annual lectures on the League of Nations in 1923 and 1924. At the latter, Mr Frederick Whelen explained the accomplishments of the League.

In 1926 the school, at the suggestion of the Headmaster, became a Corporate Member of the League of Nations Union. Each form was to have a representative who would be responsible for collecting one penny from each boy each term, and for distributing League literature. The comment made was, ‘It is greatly to be hoped that the whole school will now intelligently cooperate in advancing the purposes of one of the grandest movements of our generation.’ Unfortunately, there are no further records of the school’s involvement with the League of Nations Union, but it is assumed that it continued, after such a promising start.

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