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War Resisters’ International Second Triennial Conference 1928

The development of a movement


The Broken Rifle Courtesy of War Resisters' International [HYPERLINK TO:]

The Broken Rifle
Courtesy of War Resisters’ International

War Resisters’ International held its second international conference in Vienna in 1928. This was intended to be a strengthening conference, recognising that the movement was well developed only in certain countries such as England and Germany but very weak in others. Hans Kohn, from Palestine, pointed out that it was much easier for people to be a war resister in those countries where compulsory conscription was absent. He suggested that a campaign against military conscription was needed.

The conference concluded with closing remarks by the Chair, Fenner Brockway. He noted that ‘This Conference has, I think, marked the development of our Movement to a stage where we have grown from being just groups of individuals sharing a faith, to a Movement which is going to spread that faith throughout the world. During the next two years, that must be our work.’

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