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Arnside Branch of the League of Nations Union

Promoting the League of Nations in south-west Westmorland
Arnside Educational Institute, still in use today © Janet Nelson

Arnside Educational Institute, still in use today
© Janet Nelson

A branch of the League of Nations Union  (LNU) at Arnside, Westmorland, was active at least between the years 1932 and 1936. Residents included both working and retired business and professional people, making it fertile ground for an LNU group. The branch was organised on the usual LNU lines, with officials and an executive committee. Meetings were held at the Educational Institute in the village.

The branch attracted experienced speakers referring to contemporary international crises and affairs. Sir Arthur Howarth, a Manchester businessman and former Liberal MP, gave a lecture to the branch on the League of Nations and the China crisis and on another occasion, Sir Vyvian Adams, MP for West Leeds, was critical of the Government over Italy’s behaviour when he addressed the branch. In April 1935 the members heard ‘an excellent address’ from the Westmorland County Medical Officer on World Health. Members of the branch organised the Peace Ballot for the area in the same year.

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