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Lancaster LNU: Rev. C. E. Golland, MA 1857-1926, Vicar of Glasson

A Church of England clergyman active in the Lancaster LNU
Plaque to Rev. C. E. Golland in Glasson Church © Janet Nelson

Plaque to Rev. C. E. Golland in Glasson Church
© Janet Nelson

At the first AGM of Lancaster League of Nations Union (LNU) after Rev. Golland’s death in September 1926, the following tribute was paid to him: ‘[He] was always a deeply interested member of the executive.’ Rev. Golland was one of the earliest members of Lancaster LNU, elected a Vice-President in 1921 and 1922 and remaining on the Committee till his death. In the branch’s first year he gave lantern lectures at Glasson Dock and Aldcliffe to promote the League of Nations. On occasion Lancaster LNU held social events to complement its more serious meetings. In September 1924, Rev. Golland organised a trip, attended by some 50 members from Lancaster, to view the archaeological excavation at Cockersands Abbey in his parish, followed by tea and his own talk, ‘The Founders of Cockersands Abbey and the League of Nations Idea.’

Rev. Golland came from a well-to-do professional family in Manchester and studied at Oxford before becoming a Church of England clergyman. He was appointed Vicar of Glasson in 1889 and remained there for the rest of his life. He never married. He had many interests outside the Church. He was chairman of the Parish Council and raised money for a new Reading Room by giving lectures around the area. (1) He had an active mind, being interested in science and archaeology, as well as world affairs. His obituary notes that ‘the League of Nations appealed to him very strongly….’ He is buried at Scotforth Cemetery.

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