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Mo Kelly: Uranium destroys life…the spirit gives life. Choose life.

Mo Kelly describes her personal transformation and gradual politicisation through her faith-inspired engagement with justice and peace issues, starting with a talk about nuclear power. As someone who has grown up and lived all her life in the North West, she emphasises the importance of engaging with local issues such as the North West nuclear industry.

Clip One (Above)

Mo describes her journey from Catholicism to Quakerism and Jesus Christ challenging the political order of his day, concluding that belief ‘hasn’t any relevance if it is not lived out.’

The idea was that we were challenging the safety of the nuclear industry … and the morality of it.

Clip Two

Mo describes herinvolvement in a demonstration at Capenhurst Uranium Enrichment Plant.


Clip Three

Mo describes her growing understanding and alarm at the nuclear industry in the North West of England