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14 Nov Anonymous LGBT Activist

This man, who lived in Lancaster from the early 1970s, looks back on his involvement in various local gay groups and reflects on the distinct energy of gay activism in Lancaster at that time....

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14 Nov Avril Moncaster: Anti-Nuclear Campaigner

Avril describes how ‘Half-Life’ raised public awareness of nuclear issues, pressuring the nuclear industry to be less secretive and forcing a public enquiry into the 1957 nuclear disaster at Windscale (now Sellafield) in Cumbria....

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14 Nov Bob Rowley

Bob Rowley from Lancaster describes his involvement in the General Strike as a clerk on the railways. In the second half of the interview he describes his work as a proof reader and copyrighter on...

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14 Nov Zephyrine

Zephyrine describes her involvement in political activism, starting with Quaker-inspired activism which focussed on local, national and international campaigns, then later women’s activism, peace activism, and most recently her involvement with OCCUPY. ...

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10 Nov Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson describes his involvement in the protest at Lancaster University and the trial of what became known as the ‘George Fox 6.’ He describes how the establishment and the state continue to repress political...

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