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11 May Northern Friends Peace Board Women

The Northern Friends Peace Board was founded by Quakers in the north of England in 1913 and still exists today as a witness for global peace. Zephyrine Barbarachild describes the context in which the Board...

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11 May Harry Ainsworth

Harry Ainsworth grew up amongst the cotton mills of Blackburn, moving to Preston to work as clogger. His political affiliations led to his conscientious objection and, after being judged to be a genuine CO, he...

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Ribiero Family Shop

11 May Emanuel Nunes Ribeiro

Emanuel Nunes Ribeiro of Salford, Manchester, was conscripted. He was denied exemption from military service by a tribunal. Ribiero was an absolutist and refused to co-operate with conscription or to do work of national importance....

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28 Apr Joseph Garstang

Ann Berry tells the story of her great uncle, Joe Garstang, from Preston. As a committed socialist and member of the No Conscription Fellowship, Joe took an absolutist stance and refused to have anything to...

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28 Apr Fred Crossley

Fred Crossley was a Lancastrian Quaker who, at the outbreak of war, was living and working as an engineer in Bentham, North Yorkshire. When conscripted, he joined the Friends War Victims Relief Committee and worked...

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Prosthetic Hand

14 Apr Walter Ashworth

The experience of Walter Ashworth, brother of Albert Ashworth, as a conscientious objector in World War One is far from typical. As a man with artistic training he was able to seek out work of...

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