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10 Sep LGBT Rights: the Global Picture

While the UK has introduced legislation in recent years that protects the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, in other parts of the world the law actively discriminates against members of the...

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10 Sep Humphry Berkeley 1926-94

Humphry Berkeley was Conservative MP for Lancaster between 1959-65, a period when male homosexual activity was still illegal in Britain and many men were being arrested, tried and imprisoned. Nick Beddoe describes Berkeley’s 1965 Parliamentary...

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09 Sep Pendle Witch Trial 1612

Were the men and women accused of witchcraft in Lancaster Castle on trial for their religious beliefs or because they represented a threat to the State? In this article, Oscar Thynne considers the context for...

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Chartist Riots

09 Sep A Chartist Story

George Harney was part of the critical trial of Chartists at Lancaster Castle in 1843. Why was a man from Deptford charged in Lancaster, and what success did his campaign have? ...

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09 Sep Trident Ploughshares

On the 25th January 2000 the trial of Rosie James and Rachel Wenham began in the court at Lancaster Castle. They faced charges of £1m worth of damage to the Trident nuclear submarine Vengeance...

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09 Sep Occupy Lancaster

Peter Yeandle describes how OCCUPY, an international phenomenon, came to Lancaster one night in November 2011....

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