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20 Sep Lynne Braithwaite

Lynne Braithwaite was born Lawrence Braithwaite in the Lake District in 1934. After serving 40 years in the RAF, she retired as a flight sergeant in 1989 and shortly thereafter transitioned to female. ...

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Fenner Brockway - campaign material

19 Sep Fenner Brockway 1888 – 1988

Fenner Brockway is a significant figure in British twentieth century politics. An ardent socialist and pacifist, his long political career had important connections with Lancaster: he stood twice, unsuccessfully, for election to the local parliamentary...

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Suffragette March

10 Sep The Suffragist Movement in Lancaster

The Suffragist movement in Lancaster was formalised in 1911 when the Lancaster Suffrage Society was founded. Chris Workman gives an account in this article of some of the activities of Society members, including their involvement...

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10 Sep Anne Elizabeth Helme 1874-1963

Annie Elizabeth Helme was a Suffragist and political activist, who made an enormous contribution to the role and status of women in society and who devoted her life to public service in Lancaster. ...

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10 Sep Chartism in Lancaster

The movement known as Chartism was named after the drawing up of a charter – a list of six demands for the reform of Parliament. The Chartist movement was a mass movement led by...

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